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Apótekarinn supports members who have been diagnosed with cancer by paying for medicines and other related products. The drug grant covers prescription drugs related to the person’s illness as well as products from Gamla apotekið.

Drug costs are significant for those diagnosed with cancer and even though Sjúkratryggingar participates in drug costs, according to regulation, there are many drugs that cancer patients need that are only partially subsidized. Kraftur members can apply for a grant from the Association for the purchase of medicines related to their illness.

You apply for Kraft’s medicine card, which is valid for 6 months at a time

Those who can apply for Kraft’s Medicine Card must meet the following conditions:

a. Are full members of Kraft and have been diagnosed with cancer.
b. Be between the ages of 18-45.
c. Submit a medical certificate from an oncologist.

If the applicant meets the conditions, he will receive a Kraft medical card valid for 6 months at a time and the medical card will appear on Kraft’s electronic membership card that is downloaded to the phone. If you have not yet obtained your electronic membership card, send us an email at A doctor’s note must be submitted when applying for the subsidy.

Included in the subsidy covers prescription drugs related to the person’s illness, over-the-counter drugs as well as products from Gamla Apótekið.

The cheapest generic drug is offered. If the person does not want to accept a cheaper generic medicine, it is possible to:

  • Accept the subsidy but pay the difference between the generic and original drugs.
  • Get the drug R-marked by a doctor.
  • Show a valid Medication certificate for original drugs, which can be obtained through your doctor.

Five classes of drugs are excluded from this agreement:

The applicant will receive a confirmation email when the medication card is ready. We remind you that when using the medication card, you must always present your ID at the Pharmacy and that the card is valid for 6 months at a time.